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Killybegs Harbour Tour


Killybegs is one of Ireland's busiest shipping ports, its harbour boasts beauty, history and amazing wildlife.

Tour Details


Experience the famous habour of Killybegs, the only bay in Ireland with two lighthouses and a live organic Salmon Fish farm.

We will perform informative & visual tours of Killybegs harbour, Ireland's largest fishing port with some of the world’s most modern & high tech Pelagic fishing vessels. Also, on occasion, luxury cruise liners visit the port & this will enable you to get an up-close experience of these truly magnificent vessels.

The warm Gulf Stream means the bay is not only a favourite of humans, but also of a vast range of marine wildlife. Dolphins and seals are frequent visitors to the bay, and you may be lucky enough to meet some of these wonderful creatures on your cruise and watch them at play.

Sights You Will See...

A few of the points of interest along the way


Cruise Ships*

Rotten Island Lighthouse

St Johns Point Lighthouse

Fintra Beach

Pelagic Trawlers

Killybegs Church

*on Cruise Ship days only

WILDLIFE You Might Meet...

Some of the marine wildlife you may encounter


Albacore Tuna

Atlantic Salmon

Bottlenose Dolphin

Common Seal


Grey Seal

Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Harbour Porpoise