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Sliabh Liag Cliffs Tour


Experience one of Ireland's most famous coastlines, its beauty, history and wildlife

Tour Details


The vessel will travel from Killybegs Harbour out to the base of the Sliabh Liag cliffs. Straight away you will experience the individual landscape of Donegal Bay, as Killybegs Harbour uniquely has two lighthouses. At almost 600m, Sliabh Liag boasts Europe's highest accessible sea cliffs, and the best place to truly appreciate their magnificence is from the sea. You will see the Napoleonic Tower on the cliff top as we sail past numerous sea stacks and sheltered coves, caves and waterfalls, all holding their own history and secrets.

The warm Gulf Stream means the bay is not only a favourite of humans, but also of a vast range of marine wildlife. Your cruise may be lucky enough to meet a pod of dolphins and in the summer months, when they have their young, they can be quite playful and not at all intimidated by the boat.

SIGHTS You Will See...

A few of the points of interest along the way


Rotten Island Lighthouse

St Johns Point Lighthouse

Drumanoo Head

Fintra Beach

Napoleonic Tower

Giants Desk & Chair

Caves & Waterfalls

Sea Stacks


WILDLIFE You Might Meet...

Some of the marine wildlife you may encounter


Basking Shark

Black-Backed Gull

Bottlenose Dolphin

Brent Geese

Common Seal


Grey Seal

Harbour Porpoise

Minke Whale